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1. To perceive and comprehend the nature and significance of; grasp; gather. “Ya dig? Yeah I can dig it”

2. To find attractive, pleasant, to enjoy. “I dig on that Trim, man; girl is fine!”
"U see that honkey mofo be messin with my old lady?" 'Yeah man I can dig it, that brotha be pickin up on you man.'
by Matt Hoyt February 10, 2004
A pussy
Whats up dig?
Quit being such a dig!
I can't wait to get some dig tonight.
by DJ Diddymister November 15, 2009
Acronym for Dirty Iowa Girls. Mainly used in reference to dirty girls that go to the University of Iowa.
Dude, did you see those DIG's last night? They were nasty.
by knaf February 26, 2010
An insult, usually in a friendly manner.
Person 1: Insult

Person 2: Wow, thats a dig.
by s0ccer1o1 March 18, 2007
Noun, A beat-nik's motto, or way of life. Things are never good or bad, beautiful or ugly - all must be dug. For instance, the Beatles - people will always dig them. On the other hand Devo, was only meant to be dug at the time.
"Man, I'm gonna go kill myself," - Random SPHS student.
"Just Dig," - Matt
by Geoff L. November 23, 2005
Dig means to dig on something, to get inside soething.
i dig on you, means i find you attractive.

i digged her, i had an intercourse wit her,

lot of guys dig on me, lot of guys have fuked me.
to acknowledge in respect
"Peter, that's a pumpin' band."
"Yes, Tom, Dig."
by Ejo Fan March 09, 2005
To move downward without control from a higher to a lower place
"Leslie, did you just see those guys take a dig down the stairs?"
by h-dubs December 25, 2005
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