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a person who downloads excessive amounts of movies, tv shows and mp3s to the point of needing multiple external hard drives to accommodate them
1- I have a 1,000 gig external hard drive. I have to, I have thousands of mp3's, music videos, movies, tv series... I have every single south park episode ever made, in order, and the movie

2 - you are such a digital hoarder. they could make a show about you.
#media #digital #hoarder #horder #hoarding
by roxysoxy December 19, 2010
Collecting digital media for the sake of collecting it, not watching and/or listening to it. Accumulating titles that you have no interest in, no intent of using for entertainment and no desire to do anything with except just possessing it.
I downloaded the complete discography of Michael Buble because I'm a digital-hoarder.
by Evanwins May 01, 2016
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