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The term digiMao (use it as a verb, noun or adjective) is a NewSpeak abbreviation for "digital maoism", whose followers believe that the people's majority can and should decide what reality is.

Sometimes ironically confused with the digiMao term "Web 2.0", the most fertile examples of this subtle populist, pseudo-democratic, anti-individualist brainsnatching are the Wikipedia, IRC, and Second Life (aka "IRC 2.0") which require the involvement of the masses to make it something more than it can never be. These online mobs of fascism define their own rules, no matter how nutjob, and eventually obsess over weeding out the brightest and least disconnected from reality so that the most insecure can feel superior in their newly founded universe.
"This Wikipedia article is so digiMao."
"Omg, the café staff digiMaoed me out of the restaurant yesterday for keeping it real."
"I'm so tired of digiMao, neocommie borg wannabes pretending that their words mean something."
by gregjockca May 19, 2007
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