A position in the Counter-Strike map de_inferno, located to the left of so called 'mid', as seen from the CT point of view. Located outside the 'house', behind the window room. Marked by a veranda and pillars in Counter-Strike: Source.
"I'll hold diggity"
"3 rushing diggity to B" (Counter-strike: Source B)
by Matt Iversen April 08, 2008
Diggity is a guy that is way too awesome to describe. He is a super dude that rocks and knows how to party...he IS a player
Dude, Diggity ROCKS!!!
by Diggity D tha Man July 29, 2008
comes before dank
Wheres the diggity-dank? or: This is some good diggity-dank.
by Anonymous February 26, 2003
Diggity is used in two ways:

Too accentuate something else


As a slang version of the word dignity, as coined by the group blackstreet
1. Wow, this track is the bomb-diggity
2. I like the way you work it, no diggity (I like the way you work your body, without dignity)
by Darlon January 26, 2009
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