what fat people need
Dr. Atkins was put on this world for a reason.
--> Diets are your friend :)
by cc and mf May 27, 2006
a word women use to justify eating obsely.
well i shudn't eat that but i suppose i am on a diet so it doesnt matter
by cath January 31, 2004
(adjective - slang) - a person, thing or event that is disappointing, frustrating, unappealing, a bummer, a real downer; something that is not classic. Such as: "That movie was diet."
(Note: this definition, though inadvertently, was taken from Coca-Cola's choice of branding for its regular soda, Coca-Cola Classic, and it's Diet Coke. See example.)

synonyms: nasty, terrible, awful, lame.

antonym: classic, as such: "classic is good, diet is bad"; fly; sweet
Daytona Beach, FL; summer, 1987:
During the unloading of a delivery truck, most of a stack of Coca-Cola soda cans crashed to the floor in the back of a grocery store after being hit by an arriving, full palette of other goods. One store worker, trying to save surviving cases of cans from the carnage, took a lot of soda spray to his clothes, eyeglasses and skin.
A coworker, just arriving on the scene and comprehending the accident, joked, "Wow, that was classic."
"Nope," replied the worker, looking at his wet, sticky work clothes. "It was diet. It was definitely not classic."
Realizing the double entendre, a slang term was born (at least in those parts).
by ringhorne July 27, 2005
slang term for methamphetamine
dude, i could go for a line of diet right now
by reverse pyromaniac November 27, 2003
to vomit with with the intent of losing weight. Also used ironically, to describe any form of throwing up (i.e. drunken, nauseous, etc.)
That steak was so huge I need to go the the bathroom and diet. I partied so hard last night I dieted, like, three times.
by Sammy C. July 07, 2006

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