relatively new phrase added onto major food and beverage products which is synonymous to:

loaded chock full of splenda and impossible to consume because of horrible aftertaste, will make you want more of something that isn't good for you in the first place.


foods and beverages whose chief component is air.
diet rice cakes
#splenda #bad #overweight #nasty #decieving
by C fua September 03, 2010
food and/or drink regularly consumed by a person or animal.


a dumb thing people go on when in actuality they need to get off their asses and exercise! (stop sitting on the computer and looking up words such as diet or stop writing definitions about diets.)
Giraffes have tough tongues due to the giraffe's diet, which can include tree thorns.
#fat #giraffe #fuck #lazy #tongues
by markersoup March 21, 2009
A word fat people use to starve themselves or eat healthier for a certain time to lose weight, just to gain it all back and more in the long run
"I'm going on a diet to lose be healthier and lose weight."

"Ya right!"
#dieting #diets #deit #deits #lies
by laser9978 January 07, 2012
The word that is used in substitution of gym. Used when lying to yourself or others about weight loss.
Bro 1: I should lose weight for summer maaaan.
Bro 2: Yeah, join the gym with me!
Bro 1: Nah, my schedule is pretty busy. I think I'll just diet.
#gym #dite #fat #work out #diet
by wiinotfit October 12, 2011
something people do (usually women), who want superficial bitches to like them, or shallow bastards to date them, so that they can loose weight and be hollywoods idea of 'beautiful'.
girl: do you think my diet is working? i think i still look fat.

me: why the fuck does it matter anyways? your still beautiful, no matter what anorexic hollywood bitches think. or what anyone thinks for that matter.

girl:no, im too fat to be beautiful. maybe i should just stop eating alltogether...

me:you know what? have fun with your miserable life. if your going to let people get to you like that, then i don't fucking care.
#idiotic #diet #skinny #anorexic #shut the fuck up and eat some cherry pie
by all the good names are taken! August 12, 2009
A deliberative assembly made up of members who use parliamentary procedure to make decisions. First used in the Holy Roman Empire in the 8th century and still used in some countries today, such as Japan.
Diet of Japan enacts controversial state secrets bill.
#politics #polititians #parlement #assembly #japan #holy roman empire
by Luke B February 19, 2014
adj., substandard,weak; generally used to denote tedious, unimaginative generic tat. 2) also used to define more general nouns.
1) Do you like Coldplay?
No, I think of them as Diet Radiohead.
2) Have you been to Portugal?
That's Diet Spain.
by Nick Cherkas January 02, 2004
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