A can of whoopass suitible for diabetics.
Tara: I'm going to open a can of whoopass on ya.
Bob: Please don't, I'm a diabetic.
Tara: Fine then, diet whoopass.
by Kay March 21, 2004
Top Definition
sugar-free ass kicking
Chester: I'm going to kick you ass for some reason!
Simon: Please, sir, I'm a diabetic!
Chester: Okay, sport. I respect your ailment. Okay, now just give me your arm. It's indian-burn time!
Simon: Wow you really opened a can of Diet whoopass on me! I recognize!
by Simon and Chester December 04, 2003
A small, but spiteful taste of a can of whoopass.
"If you don't get yo' ass to school, I'm gonna give a sip of diet whoopass!"
by shindogg November 20, 2003
Someone spewing hot air that they're going to beat someone up, but, in reality, they have no intention of following through.
Jessica, my neighbor, yelled in the parking lot that she was going to kick my a**, but she didn't have the guts to knock on my door.
by Katibug August 08, 2004
a can of whoopass requiring less energy and only 3 calories per serving!
"hell, im tired, i only got DIET whoopass left"
by hex_ten November 29, 2003
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