synonyms: cool, kick ass, tight
dude, that 360 ollie that guy just did was diesel as shit
by KMILLA September 12, 2007
What violent, unemployed hooligans on the European continent drink: a mix of cider or lager and banana liquour. It is a horrid conconction that no normal person would ever dream of drinking. It is a favorite of skinheads and other slackers.
The young, unemployed German man spent his entire morning drinking diesels, then he joined up with his friends to rob and beat some law-abiding elderly citizens.
when proceeded by "rip" or "shaq," means strong and muscular
Damn, have you been working out? you're shaq diesel!
by JT Dollar Sign August 31, 2003
A slightly nicer word for dyke.
I hate that stupid dyke, sorry, diesel.
by Brett March 07, 2003
Beer consumed after an event, preferably sporting and, furthermore, preferably cricket.
Winning diesel
Drawing diesel
Losing diesel

"Roachy you cunt, let's get on the diesel"
"Diesel-based excellence Stimmers"
by Diesel-based August 28, 2007
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