The "non-lite" version of any beer or mixer. Usually said with a surprising tone
Damn! You're drinkin' Bud diesel tonight? One of my buddies lost his vision from a twelver' of the diesel
by Drix May 31, 2005
1. adj. Showing or being cool, awesome, and/or ideal. Also see sweet.

2. Used as an interjection to express feeling towards something diesel.
1: You won the lottery? That's diesel

2: Diesel! My magazine came!
by GCPyromaniac8 January 23, 2004
to be fit, abnormaly fit, like a body builder.
my boyfriend is so diesel.!
by shaniquaisababe July 01, 2011
the act of taking and/or describing a massive dump
man i gotta go drop a huge diesel right now

we better hurry or my diesel is gonna explode all over your car

that was such a good diesel i was in there for like 30 minutes
by jstoner89 May 15, 2010
diesel means heroin, c'mon why do i even have to post this
by elcido September 02, 2008
A term used when separating Budweiser from other beers commonly known as un-leaded.
Joey was drinking Diesel all night and threw up all over the lake. Good thing we were all drinking un-leaded.
by A. Simon August 23, 2008
Something that is really cool or awesome
Yo man that movie was diesel
by Superdave22 January 19, 2008

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