Liverpudlian slang. Often used as a nickname. Diesel sounds similar to "these will". Hence the slang translates to:
a: We call him 'Diesel'.

b: Diesel, what the fuck is that about?

a: Cos, you know, he has sticky fingers "Diesel do and diesel do". Man he'd steal his grandmothers fucking pension I tell you.
by stuntedmonk April 11, 2007
The "non-lite" version of any beer or mixer. Usually said with a surprising tone
Damn! You're drinkin' Bud diesel tonight? One of my buddies lost his vision from a twelver' of the diesel
by Drix May 31, 2005
The act of wiping your index or middle finger in between your but cheeks until there is a brown stain, then wiping it on someones top lip.
Person A: "Hey why did thingymebob vomit before you came back over here"

Person B: "ha ha, i just dieseled him"
by sghaskfkjhksjdfh June 03, 2011
A term used when separating Budweiser from other beers commonly known as un-leaded.
Joey was drinking Diesel all night and threw up all over the lake. Good thing we were all drinking un-leaded.
by A. Simon August 23, 2008
The aroma or mephitis of a Diesel Dyke.
Hey, everybody, I smell diesel! There must be a butch around here.
by Delicious Tuna Wanda September 25, 2007
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