a clothes company, They wear this in europe and in some parts of south america.
I went to france and got myself a nice pair of diesel jeans
by jj binx October 11, 2003
street slang for PCP, angel dust
It smells like burning plastic in here, you assholes have been smoking diesel again. You better not have used my fucking bong, I don't want that shit in it.
by Spanky McSpunk April 14, 2003
Budweiser beer (especially in a 24oz. can).
outside QuickTrip, the interior of a 1989 Ford Probe...

Christian: You want something to drink?

Grant: Can of Diesel.

Christian: A 2 by 4?

Grant: That's what I said.
by Edapoe March 05, 2009
in reference to the size of a woman's lips; it is often pronounced like DSL, as in "dick-sucking lips"
"That girl's got some diesel lips."
by Dr. Octogonocologist July 06, 2009
Liverpudlian slang. Often used as a nickname. Diesel sounds similar to "these will". Hence the slang translates to:
a: We call him 'Diesel'.

b: Diesel, what the fuck is that about?

a: Cos, you know, he has sticky fingers "Diesel do and diesel do". Man he'd steal his grandmothers fucking pension I tell you.
by stuntedmonk April 11, 2007
Heroin from Afghanistan
Hook it up with that Afghan Diesel/
I got a Handle of that Afghan Diesel/
by Go RiLLa January 19, 2007
The "non-lite" version of any beer or mixer. Usually said with a surprising tone
Damn! You're drinkin' Bud diesel tonight? One of my buddies lost his vision from a twelver' of the diesel
by Drix May 31, 2005

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