A) Strong, huge, ripped, muscular, swole, buff

B) Hella expensive clothing line that sells sexy underwear with "DIESEL" on the front
Dude I havn't seen that guy in 4 months, look at his body! DIESEL!
by iBJocking January 30, 2012
East-Coast slang term for heroin.
I went to Camden last night to get some diesel.
by gangstaaaaaaaaaaa October 02, 2008
A fuel that, in the U.S., should be used in more passenger cars.
A VW Golf TDI (Diesel) will waste any hybrid out there performance-wise, and get just as good of mileage.
by shiznannigan December 26, 2003
May be used to describe a high potency, nugget laden marijuana.
Dude, I got some serious diesel if you want to come over and get buzzed.
by Charlie Johnson January 22, 2008
The most prominent term for heroin on the urban streets of Philly
The editors at urban dictionary are so out of touch with street slang they don't know a work is used for mainline use of diesel
by Phmns52 October 16, 2013
A slag term used for Budweiser. Not bud light.
A. Hey Johnny can you pass me a Diesel

B. Fuck Bud Light and Natty I wanna rock some Diesel's tonight
by Johnny Duckets May 03, 2010
The cousin of DSL's. It means a girl has some good dick sucking lips. ie. Angelina Jolie.
Did you see Charo on VH1 yesterday? That bitch has got some diesels.
by crisco8 February 20, 2007
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