street slang for afghan heroin
ayyo, syed shippin over some of that diesel!
by Da Chef January 07, 2006
Another term for Budweiser.
Also, a key ingredient for Sloshball.
I drank a lot of diesel tonight playing sloshball.
by Alana O'Reilly September 19, 2005
Heroin Dealer
I bought some quality shit from a cornholio diesel today.
by putteand February 19, 2003
1. Something of extraordinary importance, size or significance. 2. For sure; like money in the bank.
1. That Patriots touchdwon in OT against the Dolphins was diesel, man.

2. Getting an A in Biology was diesel because even shit-for-brains was passing.
by Brian October 20, 2003
Over rated, exaggerated italian expensive clothing, brand for preps, snob idiots, self proclamed 'cool ppl'. Kinda abercrombie&fitch in the states, In Europe the preps are way worse.
diesel, abercrombie and fitch, preps, snobs
by Mia800 January 08, 2008
a girl who sleeps with all gang members in one gang
the boys picked up a few diesels to bust them down.
by Jennifer Martinez July 05, 2006
meanig for somthing dirty
your hair looks well diesel
by Rachel September 18, 2003

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