Slang/metaphor to signify friendship and levels thereof.

Diesel: Friendly
Dieselness or Dieselhood: Friendliness


0-33%: American Diesel- Below 50 Cetane (New Friend - Regular Friend)

33-66%: European Diesel- Above 50 Cetane (Regular Friend - Good Friend)

66-100%: Biodiesel- Cetane Unknown but helpful to the environment. (Good Friend - Best Friend)

100% & up: Fuel Cell (like those prototype Hydrogen Fuel Cells. In other words, if the Opposite Sex is Fuel Cell towards you, they like you more than a friend.)

Fuel Cell is Heterosexual only. Homosexual love is so different it requires its own fuel! See Solar Power.

- Never, EVER spray Diesel Fuel on a person acting gasoline towards you!

- Even though it sounds like a quick & easy fix to a friendship, it will NOT work!

- In fact, their gasolinism will worsen, or worse- their stance towards you may sink to the abyss of being Jet Fuel!!

- This is only a slang/metaphor/analogy so please keep this in mind!)

Example 1: Hey Dane, why aren't you being Diesel tonight? Oh, DGray is possessing you again?? Dane, I know you're in there somewhere, so fight him out of your body!

Example 2: So Josh, how Diesel is your girlfriend?

Josh: She's more than that; She's pretty Fuel Cell, man!

Example 3: The most important part is- you survived. That's the most diesel thing you can ever do for us.

Example 4: That guy is acting a little TOO diesel towards you! Do you think he's showing a little... ...solarity?

Example 5: While I was on the phone at a gas station, when I saw a diesel truck pass, they increased my credit limit to $750.

However, I was at this gas station that didn't serve any diesel, so when I got done refueling, I saw a car rear-end another, which is a pretty gasoline thing to happen!
by Java February 08, 2005
another word for pink lemonade when hungover
Sami: bro, i don't feel so good.
Chris: I got the perfect thing for you, here's some diesel
by Jib0122 November 14, 2006
A diesel is a defecation so large that your anus hurts and your toilet bowl is full.
"Dude I just took the Diesel 'D' yesterday."
"WOW, I gotta take a Diesel right now!"
by vin-diesel-nipples/red bull December 20, 2005
Another term for Budweiser.
Also, a key ingredient for Sloshball.
I drank a lot of diesel tonight playing sloshball.
by Alana O'Reilly September 19, 2005
Used in conjection with "Crank up that"; means we're drinking Budweiser tonight and getting F***** up
Yo Diehl crank up that Diesel
by Oscar August 21, 2003
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