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Commonly found all over New York City (particularly in the Brighton area of Brooklyn), diesel russians are Russian-American immigrants who came to America when they were between the ages of one and ten (typically), somewhere during the surge of Russian migration to America.

Diesel russians are a strange breed, for they have been raised on both the clannish, elitist, narrowminded ideals of the Russian culture and the greedy, shallow, expansionist ideals of the American culture- thus, their own ideals have a decidedly isolationist and materialistic bent. They are stereotypically unaccepting of most other groups, although few are explicitly unkind or malicious towards other groups. Sticking to their own, they mainly care about money, nice cars and homes, and their appearances. Most diesel russians smoke cigarettes (and most diesel russian females can be found chain-smoking every hour on the hour). They enjoy cruising around in their cars and dancing at clubs that play dance, trance, house and techno music.

A typical diesel russian male has a lot of gel in his hair (which may be spiked) and is adorned in anything from a wifebeater to designer clothing to the latest hip hop-oriented wear(and fine jewelry). They usually excersize at a gym and enjoy showing off their biceps or sixpack. They enjoy and take pride in their appearance, grooming themselves sometimes to excess. Their accents are usually more Russian than American.

A typical diesel russian female is very tanned and has long, fake, manicured nails that just border on tacky. Her hair is either dyed blonde, frosted with blonde highlights, or set in a style of stiff, gelled curls. She wears skimpy, trendy clothing in bright colors. In the winter, it is not uncommon to see her wearing Ugg boots. You can usually find her chain-smoking and yapping into the latest version of a cell phone. Her accent is a mix between a Brooklyn and a Russian accent.

They usually speak in a mixture of Russian and English (and usually do a spectacular job of messing up the latter language).

You can say that diesel russians are a mixture of metrosexuals and scenesters, with a bit of old-skool, Old World Russia tossed in.
"Did you see those Diesel Russians over there? The girls were all chatting about inconsequential drivel while the guys compared the sizes of their biceps. Scoff."
by Me and Mine July 08, 2006
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