Loafs encrusted to yer ass cheeks and hairs.
The dog had some nasty diegos that ranked like shyte.
by Adriana And Monique August 21, 2003
anthoer term for San Diego
I'm From Diego ese
by shadow January 27, 2004
-a male figure with an abnormally large budget for clothes and shoes provided by his papa.
-commonly called dickass as a result of such personality that one would think his head(normally looking like a dick) is in his ass
X:that guy has 18 pairs of shoes that he doesn't even wear, he's such a diego
Y:i know, man his papa buy him everything
by johnathanas November 28, 2005
dildo + ego = Diego
I am suffering from constipation, and I would like to clear it out with this Diego tool, which has an extra large head for those tight spots.
by eclectica January 03, 2004
A code word for gay, queer, strangeling, homo, and all homosexual words.
That dude is so diego.
I should beat up that diego guy.
Diego people are so not hawt.
by Emarian May 08, 2007

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