Loafs encrusted to yer ass cheeks and hairs.
The dog had some nasty diegos that ranked like shyte.
by Adriana And Monique August 21, 2003

to usurp,

to cut out a middle man or otherwise remove someone from a money-making enterprise against their will

to steal someone's connection

Used in reference to the actions and character of Diego in the movie Blow.
(A) "I don't need you anymore. I'm talking to him directly"
(B) "Aw man, I knew you would diego me."
by beezack March 17, 2011
Someone you do not know. Just an anyone
there are just diegos anywhere here
by cinimonsheep February 24, 2011
A tan hot canadian who plays sports.
That Diego is a lacrosse champion.
by madelaine rascans'BF November 25, 2009
A really great city in southern California that has an abundnese of drugs and beautifull women.
I wouldn't live anywhere else but San Diego
by Toro April 25, 2003
What people who don't live in San Diego call it. People who live in San Diego would never call it "Diego."
Co-Worker 1: "You going home to Diego this weekend?"
Co-Worker 2: "I'm going home to SAN Diego, yes."
by Caltag August 17, 2005
A stereotypical slur against Italians however some Italian youth refer to each other as diego.
What's goin on diego
by Frankie "The Guido" May 12, 2008
A completely useless person that does nothing has no job, no car, and no money. Always borrowing money from other people.
Guy 1:" Dude can you spot me i dont have any money I'll pay you back I swear."

Guy 2: "Dude come on again you starting to become a real Diego"
by gomu gomu March 21, 2009

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