Loafs encrusted to yer ass cheeks and hairs.
The dog had some nasty diegos that ranked like shyte.
by Adriana And Monique August 21, 2003
hottest guy in the fucking world,
very attractive and attacks cab drivers
and takes away their money forever.

Also known for being very quiet and stubborn and ofcourse goodlooking.
omg that dude is so Diego! Just loook at him, damn.
by Lupe La del barrio August 25, 2008
A guy who has an enormous dick and has had lots of sex, he is hispanic and very handsome. He is very charming,dont get lured into him as he might break your heart.
Girl: Yesterday i fucked a Diego,he had a massive cock
Friend:good for you i wish i could get some of that
by fgsdfgtgdgfdfg May 29, 2010
Anything that arouses curiosity or perplexes because it is unexplained, inexplicable, or secret. An enigma, a mystery
The heart and the mind ... what a diego.
by PrincessBlu July 05, 2006
A hispanic that's so sexy that girls will melt for him also with a huge dick and also fingered a girl daria.
Diego fingered daria.
by Sex freak. September 10, 2009
A male, who is usually characterized by being suave and sophisticated.

Han Solo and James Bond's love child.
Not awkward in the least.
Also, another name for a spork.
Girl: That Diego fellow is, interesting.

Boy: He's too sophisticated for his own good.

Girl: Too charming.
Boy: Too cool.
by *Supermegafoxyawesomehot* June 16, 2011
Ultimate Sex God.
Sexy Mexican Very romantic guy.
Sweetest most pleasurable guy(:
Prone to be the best. DNA traces back to french decendents.
Wow that guy is like a "Diego"
by sexymexicandiego.a.v November 26, 2010
Charming , Beautiful , Hilarious , Intelligent and extremely Geeky .
Diego's can sometimes come in orange/brown/red/blonde hair , and do . You'll know when a diego is awesome because he will also have :
a curly spanish fro , 2 eternally fighting front bottom teeth , very clean toes and fingers cuticles not included , blue green & yellow eyes all at once , thick man eyebrows , golden skin , cheek pimples , a sexy build and a strong nose . All must be apparent when searching for a GOOD diego .

Their charm can surpass any man's , especially John Stamos . Their beauty is so overwhelming that you must carry a pillow on you at all times because you will faint , and possibly experience brain damage if you hit your head . BEWARE OF THE CONSUMPTION OF BEVERAGES when listening to the Diego , for their humor will cause your nose to errupt , irregularly of course . The intelligence of the diego should make anybody wary , thats all i have to say about that .

But of course , what makes a good diego - what makes a really AWESOME diego , is the geekiness that is THEIR BRAIN .
With that 'Nuff said - You've been informed .
Q: Whats beautiful , silly and can easily be brought in with smiggle bait ?

A: the diego
by Chelssor Rexx September 01, 2010

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