Not just to die, but to die hard. Over-die. Die and then some. Beating a dead horse. To "Die Hard" implies one does not simply fall over, one is killed in a graphic and action-packed way. Most prominently featured in the Die Hard film series. Generally involves, but doesn't necessitate, being shot. just shot him out a window 30 stories up...
Yeah, I did. Yippie ki-yay motherfucker.
I guess that's how you die hard.
Yep. You're next.
by Alan Gruber Rickman October 16, 2010
A person who might persist with a certain course of action or belief way longer than most people would decide it was sensible to quit/move on.
"yippeee kiyay motherfucker!"
"He's a diehard FFVII fanboy. Even in the face of all of the evidence he cannot let go."
"Yo. I know it's winter. the waves like make a major tube...."
by Container October 07, 2003
Someone who is willing to stick it out until the end.
Someone who will support something when everyone else moves on.
John: Man, that new Hatebreed song is fuckin kick ass!
Matt: Which song?
John: As Diehard As They Come!
Matt: Oh, yeah, that songs fuckin amazing!
John: True, you going to their next concert?
Matt: Yeah, you?
John: Yeah, see you in the pit!
Matt: Will do, brother!

"Never Waiver, Never Falter - REMAIN DIEHARD"
by boo-boo-on-your-little-finger October 26, 2008
A popular action movie made in 1988 about a NYPD cop John McClane who must fight terrorists who want money and are taking hostages inside an office building. One of my favorite movies.
Bored guy watching a shitty action movie:"Yo this movie is so stupid and has shitty fighting!"
Friend:"Well let's watch Die Hard because it is much more badass"
Bored guy watching a shitty action movie:"Fuck yeah! Let's watch John McClane kick some ass!"
by Chillice October 24, 2014
To tape something you need hidden to your back.
If your gonna get searched, bags pockets and all just not full body, diehard that shit.
by Roejush March 27, 2015
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