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Die slow is a term that refers to HIV, or AIDS
I tried to tell that fool not to mess with that dirty azz girl. That trick got the die slow...
by ATCH/ MRS B January 31, 2006
a person wit AIDS
Contriz got that die-slow!
by Alicia July 04, 2003

Named for the way you die, very slowly.
You know I use a rubber

Man stop lying, you don't use no rubber when you fuck that hoe

You gotta use a rubber, I ain't trying to catch that dieslow
by Outsidesmokss May 04, 2010
(n.) AIDS,HIV,STDs ; any sexually transmitted disease that could/can kill you.
(EX.) Michael Johnson caught dat die-slow from sleep'n around wit groupies!
by Sunshyne January 01, 2006
when someone realy bothers you or arguing with someone on youtube , and you want to ignore them or dont want to reply them and end the convo by that.
shut the hell up just get lost and die slow.
by Riz (uk) April 08, 2009
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