A person that, when standing upright, would appear as if they had a didgeridoo up their ass.
So like, i was standing there eating a Jerry special, and Erik comes along looking fucking didge.
by Moodah August 29, 2007
Top Definition
Slang Term used by teenagers in coldwater and gladstone michigan to describe a ciggarette.

To Smock Didge.
Scott: Hey devin give me a hit off your didge

Devin: aight 3 hit pass

aaron: Pass That Didge my way nukkkkkkkah.
by Scott Larsen November 05, 2007
Slang for someone who lives their life through technology. Or digital means.
Did you know Adam tweeted the pub for his drinks order?" "Oh yeah Adam's well Didge"
by thirstyP May 16, 2011
The effects of a large amount of amphetamine when the user suffers hallucinations and/or paranoia. When the person acts oddly it is known as 'didging'.

Slang word for speed/ amphetamines.

This definition has been used in the Newport, South Wales area for the past few years.
"Look at Matt, he's didging right out bruv!"

"I just got a bag of didge and I'm off into town to party!"
by Didgette June 23, 2013
Money - any type of currency
Yo homey you need some didge?
by J-Dubs January 27, 2005
Can be 'Hard' or 'Soft' Didge.
Soft: cuppage of the arse of a lady.
Hard: insertion of a digit (finger) into a genital-based orifice.
I just gave her hard didge.
by Andy Uff May 13, 2008
Another name for Penis. Is derived from Dick. Used especially in presences of respectable elders when one does not want to make a bad impression.
(When Grandfather is in the Room). Oh Grandfather, I told Tommy to go suck a didge.
by Chris and John June 15, 2006
another word for penis.

to some it means gummy bears and a fruit beverage called fuze.
man i couldnt get this girl off my didge.

hey fool lets go to kroger and get some didge.
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