A small gathering or "get together" of close friends. A celebration (if you will) filled with merrymaking and idle chatter.
Kristin, please come to my diddy this evening dressed in denim and carrying a reptilian flask.
by Serena Leahy December 23, 2006
slang for any type of usable thing
The boy referred to his guitar as a diddy
by Daniel October 09, 2003
What a rich teen refers to his father as, but only when requesting something.
"Diddy! I want a new Bently NOW!"
by Sharon June 29, 2003
A person who tries to get attention by acting very depressed and is quick to take advantage of the other/any sex. (even when victim is unconcious)
Diddies are often keen to excel musically. They can be recognised by their inability to play guitar and their monotone singing
1.Today I tried to peck diddy on the cheek and he chewed my face off

2. Do you know any one I can get off with???

3. That diddy spent all night on the stairs saying he wanted to die. everyone ignored him and it was hilarious.
by Three weeks Progress May 12, 2005
A Small man with poofy poofy hair, that likes Deep purple and Nirvana.
Diddy, cut your poofy hair
by Apps March 21, 2005
(Diddy) A term for a fat barstard with a violent attitude. Has the unusual tendancy to eat alot. Careful when drunk can dance like the opposite sex. DO NOT BE MISTAKEN.
My god he's eating like a diddy!
Haha look t him dance like a diddy!
by Bob January 18, 2005
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