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A word used by young children when potty training to describe the act of using the bathroom.
Mommy, I'm going to diddy in the potty.
by superflycoolietea September 26, 2005
22 15
According to Rob Corddry of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, It is the act of female masturbation.
"Diddy - thats what girls do to get off right?" - Rob Corddry
by joeblanks August 19, 2005
24 17
Fake Gypsy
Short for Diddicoy
Keep away from those diddys son, they'll nick the quack from a poxy duck..
by neilg September 14, 2005
24 18
diddy = tit
diddys = tits
uraaaghhhh she has a lovely pair of diddys.

I was pulling the diddys off her.

(normally used by kids in ireland as a slang word for tits/breasts) .
by carl furlong May 13, 2004
21 15
a retarded self-centered "rapper" who owns Bad Boy Entertainment. biggie is pretty much the only talented person diddy ever discovered. he also has 'bout.......10 aliases, like come on diddy, HOW MUCH DO U NEED? JUST PICK ONE! and he just came up with a new one, known as "dirty money"
Diddy: "yo wassup guys? my name's Dirty Money"

1: "P. Diddy? i thought it was Diddy"

2: "i thought it was P. Diddy"

3: "i thought it was Sean John"

4: "i thought it was Puff Daddy"

5: "i thought it was Puffy"

6: "i thought it was Sean Combs"

by ag1997 August 12, 2010
12 7
The newest nickname for Sean Combs.
1997: Puff Daddy
1999: P. Diddy
Aug. 16, 2005: Diddy
by Straight Edge XXX August 25, 2005
32 27
When something gives you confidence to do anything/anyone.
"I gonna rock my diddy pants tonight" or "That sh*t is diddy"
by poopshoenayu June 23, 2007
9 7