the term for someone who has bad luck & changes their name to hide their guilt the names can range from puff daddy to puffy, to puff, to P, to P diddy, to diddy, to sean combs, to finally sean P diddy combs! also an arogant prick who only thinks of himself much like the gay fish guy!
Mack: Man you break my games everytime you visit!
Todd: I know I have bad luck
Mack: well aren't you a p diddy or is it puffy or diddy?
by Mike&Vito Corleone September 21, 2009
Top Definition
1) a self absorbed singer/actor/rapper/clothing designer who never wrote his own lyrics ever who seems to think its cool to change his name every 2 weeks
yo my name is diddy

i thought it was p diddy

nah i just changed it my new name is did

i thought it was diddy?

nah i just changed it again to D
by janki mhodi January 01, 2006
Puff Daddy or P. Diddy AKA that annoying guy dancing in the background BIG's videos or in the background of some of BIG's songs saying stuff like "yeah" or "it's all good" or "C'mon"
That Diddy has no talent; the only reason people know him is because of Biggie.
by AA0509 September 18, 2005
As of August 2005, the name Sean "P. Diddy"/"Puff Daddy"/"Insert Name Here" Combs will from now on be referred as.
Quoth Diddy- "I believe the P was getting between me and my fans"

Quoth me- "Wtf who cares?"
by bandchick987 August 31, 2005
ass rapper extrodinaire/copycat/wanksta who:
1) doesn't know who the fuck he is or what to call himself these days
2) so fuckin' full of himself that his whack ass might consider running for office( Oh, THE HORROR!)
3) thinks everbody likes him when the real world want to beat his sissy-punk ass!
4) appeals to house negroes, groupies, suburbian wiggers, and imgrates who don't know shit about hip hop
5) chased away G-Depp, Black Rob, Craig Mack, The Lox, Total, Loom, and others to steal the spotlight for himself
6) sold out Shyne..Nuff said on that one.
7) tries to one-up people who are better than him (Russell Simmons, FUBU, every rapper, etc)
8) can't write or bust a rhyme that can save his fuckin' life
9) gets sued every goadamn year ( probably from ghost writers)
10) doesn't represent hip hop in the purest form
11) a punk bitch ( Go ask Suge, Tupac, Shyne, or anybody with a brain)
12) proves that money can buy you anything except talent, respect, and credibility
13) hasn't been black since he drop out of college
and finally...
14) Well, he just suck ass!!!
Diddy or "Sybil" may change his name, but now I know what the "P" stands for...IT STANDS FOR PUSSY!!!
by Jason Parker #2 November 08, 2006
A word used in West Central Scotland to describe a woman's breast.

It can also be used to insult someone by comparing him or her to a woman’s breast/ tit.
That cunts a’ pure diddy man.

Geez a swatch a’ yer diddies!
by Bar-L Young Team October 22, 2004
Commonly used in the central belt of Scotland. While other authors cite the female breast as the origin of this word, it's mostly used as a mild insult on the East Coast.
"Shazza's new man's a right diddy byraway"
by Sengabus August 16, 2005
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