Manchester christened name for Extasy Tablets.
Eg 1.

Punter: Safe, You got any 'diddlies'?
Dealer: Yea yea, Blue Stars, Green Shreks or Some White Paul and Sharks. £2 a Pop.
Punter: Bang 5 Sharkies my way.

Eg 2.

Friend 1: You need any 'diddlies' for tonight?
Friend 2: Yea pick me up 3 when you get yours.
Friend 3: Safe!
by Brad Howarth a.k.a Bradford July 27, 2006
Top Definition
Nothing. Shortened version of "diddly-squat"
I sent my money in but I got diddly back.
by Matt October 07, 2003
Ned Flanders says it too much! O.O
Ned:Hi diddly!
Homer:Shut up,Flanders
by TheWiggidy October 11, 2003
a synonym for having sex
Michelle: So did you and Tommy do the diddly?
Morgan: Yeah, we went all the way.
by bcswag December 21, 2014
Another name for sex.
Hunter: You dun diddly?
Austin: I dun Diddly ;)
by Silly steve January 10, 2011
A noticable part to a piece of art or music.
That was a nice little diddly they just played for us.
by satandracula November 25, 2009

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