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The opposite of rediculous;
Man that guy is so cool he is totally diculous
by Chu-Chu-Charmander June 01, 2009
4 18
A silly act or something that hasnt become re-diculous therefore it is diculous if it happens only once.
Thats a pretty diculous thing you did Jane.
by jeffbo April 07, 2009
60 25
Like ridiculous - something odd, unreasonable or out of place, yet to a lesser extent.
That's so diculous, it's ridiculous!
by Ingmaester March 14, 2007
15 22
a word that makes sence
thats just diculous enough to work
by amazingdave June 15, 2004
21 30
The circumference of a mans dick when erect.

Usually refers to the area of largest circumference or the dick's average circumference.
Man, ever since puberty, my diculous has been greatly increased!
by MichiganSniper April 12, 2008
10 32