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Another name for M.Bison the would be world "dictactor" and leader of shadaloo from Street Fighter games.
In Japan, the character was named Vega, derived from the star of the same name. However, during localization of Street Fighter II for the English language market, Capcom's North American branch felt that the name sounded non-threatening to North American audiences for the game's final boss, and was more suitable for the androgynous bullfighter Balrog. At this same time another concern arose that the name of another character, Mike Bison, conceived as a parody of real-life boxer Mike Tyson, would be a legal liability for Capcom. As a result, the characters swapped names, and the game's final boss was dubbed General M. Bison for English language appearances of the character.2

In the context of the western versions, the initial in the name "M. Bison" is given the meaning 'Master' though some games, such as X-Men vs. Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter and Street Fighter EX, omit it and simply refer to the character as Bison.

Dictator is now used to avoid any of this confusion.
by Dondada August 02, 2009
A ruler who thinks only about sole and absolute power and rule without listening to other's opinion.

A tyrant to think him/herself as the strongest and had the most powerful country in his/her control.

A failure.
HITLER is a dictator.
Hitler did not hear anyone's opinion and careless about his people as long as he can control his people and the WHOLE WORLD!!
by Hormone Rager March 25, 2012
A narcissistic, abusive person (almost always a male) who must always impose his will, and doesn't know compromise. A dictator does not have to be a ruler of a nation, he could be your father, your husband, your boss, and often your child.
Hassan: "Mubarak's not the only dictator in Egypt..."
Ammar: "Definitely not, you should see my 5 year old!"
by youngstudd January 29, 2011
what southerners call genital warts.
My sister won't sleep with me because of the damn dictator i caught from my cousin.
by evilballs February 10, 2011
A tater tot made out of a dick.
Stop spying on Americans, or people may think you're a Dictator.
by Thomacide August 08, 2013
Mr. Potato Head is a dictator.
Spuddy: "Hey there goes Mr. Potato Head!"

Frenchie: "Yea, he's a dictator!"

Spuddy: " Don't give Mr. Potato Head!"

Frenchie: "That's for sure!"
by dickandahalf July 09, 2010
A word for a male potatoe with a big spud.
I work my finger to the bone grading these potatoes....wow!!! look at this spud this must be a dictator!!!
by In Yo Face January 16, 2008