To whip someone with a limp dick. Whipping must be administered on wither the ass cheek or the face.
"Call me a pussy one more time! I'm gonna dickwhip you!"
by Teddy "Bear" Topper January 19, 2009
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the smacking or stiking with an erect or semi-erect penis, usually of a woman's face or ass
I like to dickwhip her bare ass as she brushes her teeth in the morning.
by Big Steve September 04, 2003
A male who slaps another male with an erect or semi-erect dick
Alonzo dickwhips Andrew every day
by DrPhil October 17, 2003
whipping ones dick across anothers face or other body part by rotating the hips to cause a whip like effect. usually done as a prank to a friend
My girlfriend wouldn't swallow so I dick whipped her.
by duckshit yellow April 05, 2011
To hit someone across the face with the magic stick...also shapap
Bitch was acting up so i dick-whipped her
by J September 02, 2003

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