When not referring to a person, this word means male ejaculate fluid
by Andrewsky March 05, 2003
When you cum for many months in a single jar, adding load by load of jizz and just letting it accumulate. then you bake it till its hard as a rock. you break the jar and have a mountain of dried seamen and sculpt it into a huge erect cock.
I need to find an exceptional dickwad.

You are the hugest dickwad I have ever seen.
by hunniebunz July 19, 2006
a person that steals other people's ideas for the sole purpose of trying to be cool around people that don't care about them.
Humberto: Hey I'm gonna let my hair grow out. It's totally original

Jeff: I did that last year and you called it gay so it's not.

Humberto: Technically I am.

Jeff: Technically? So that means no.

Humberto: But at least I'm gonna get ladies now

Jeff: God damnit you're such a dick wad
by Heff Garsha August 16, 2010
a lying bastard
a horrible person
by Elle August 18, 2003
A wad of dick, usually a homosexual orgy.
Man he's in a dickwad.
by bluntman and chronic cam June 19, 2006
Wad of dick. Also known as "dickwaaaaaaaaad" when spoken.
Hey dickwaaaaaaaaad(dickwad), where's my blackberry?
by Richard Wadd June 06, 2006
Dickwad is a word to describe Kaleb. Now Kaleb is a cool guy. But hes also a dickwad. Now being a dickwad is not a bad thing. Some people like dickwads. A dickwad is a person who is ususally tall strange and metrosexual.
Kaleb is a dickwad. Oh what a dickwad he is.
by anonomous March 20, 2005

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