a comtemtiple person; someone who gets on everyones nerves.
basically a wad of dick in the form of an asshole
man "karen" is being a fucking a dickwad!
by quaid spearing March 04, 2008
a term used to unsult someone when they do something that pisses you off because they don't know what they're doing, also a wad-of-dick.
Ernie: Sasuke, you accelerated right when I opened the door, you dickwad.
Sasuke: What's a dickwad?
Jerry: A wad-of-dick, DUH.
by not a dingbat September 18, 2005
A large group or wad, of dicks
Guy 1: That gay orgy was a huge dickwad!
Guy 2: I know! I was there!
by silverware May 30, 2014
A two faced political bullshit artist
Hillary Clinton is a major dickwad
by Larry Fesue November 08, 2007
A pure and worthless idiot who simply can't be reasoned by any possible mean.
Tony is such a dickwad, cause he can't never understand what I'm saying to him, and he always act like he's still breast-feeded by his ugly mother.
by Paul Fougères January 14, 2007
A small piece of wadding attached to a dick after injury.

A derogatory term used to address one's girlfriend.
'God you're such a dickwad (gauze type bandage fixed to wounded penis)'
by Cock Spanner February 17, 2009
A wad of seminal fluid that dangles from the penis.
Damn dude... Caleb look's like such a dickwad!
by Frogg August 24, 2004
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