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The resulting mess of tissue paper and semen that occurs after a long night of rabid angry masturbation
"I jacked off so many times last night. I left one hell of a dick wad"
by Dynamo612 November 03, 2007
A vulgar reference to an: idiot, moron, jerk. Used to convey the mental image of a man metaphorically described as a wadded-up ball of a tallywhacker (otherwise known as a penis).
Good sir! You have just applied your forefoot to the top of my heel and unearthed my foot from its leather placing! I inquire an apology, post-haste, dickwad!
by Sean August 13, 2004
assholes, only worse
that dickwad took my cash!
by maxzilla June 23, 2003
An idiot who tries to act smart!
George Bush is such a dick wad.
by ??? May 07, 2005
Your basic insult, vague but still mean. Used to insult males usually. Someone who doesn’t disserve your time
jerk, asshole, moron, stupid

Insulter: Wow, you're dumb
Insultie: Shutup Dickwad!
by Mary Margaret June 22, 2005
a person that is really stupid and/or wierd
he is such a dick-wad
by theman102 November 20, 2011
An idiot who tries to act smart.
George Bush is such a dick-wad!
by ??? May 07, 2005