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The act of drawing a large, visible penis on top of a structure or large moving vehicle like a bus or house.

Invented by Jeff Bakalar on Cnets the 404
Hey man we're going dicktopping, you wanna come?

Dude I was on google maps and somebody totally dicktopped that house!
by Neo1513 March 24, 2009
Drawing/painting a dick/penis on the roof of something so it can be seen by someone flying over. This word was invented on the CNET podcast "404". http://www.cnet.com/8301-13952_1-10203032-81.html?part=rss&tag=feed&subj=Crave

see origin:


dude, did you see me dicktopping the school last night!?!? i hope the news helicopter sees it when they fly over!
by BsbllUH11C March 24, 2009
a verb; the act of painting a penis on the roof of a house.
Rory McInnes saw a giant phallus on the roof of his house after dicktopping it the previous summer.
by 404Listener March 24, 2009
Painting a large penis on the roof of your home, esp. as a means to vandalize Google Maps.

(Coined by Jeff Bakalar of CNET's "The 404" podcast.)
Billy was late for school because he was busy dicktopping.
by the404 March 24, 2009