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1)a dictionary of sexual terms.
2)the way someone who is stupid spells dictionary.
1)urbandictionary.com is almost a complete dicktionary.
2)Iz tha wird "kat" n tha dicktionary?
by Laura December 12, 2004
128 109
the alternate gender for chicktionary, so a chick's phone with lots of dudes numbers in it
When a chick needs a booty call, she cracks open her dicktionary.
by whatsupimphil July 19, 2009
207 88
A textbook which one utilizes when the male extremities of another are presented in a surprising fashion. The textbook is utilized to assess said appendage in categories such as strength, weight, and weight-to-strength ratio.
Yo when JJ whipped out his thang, I also whipped it out... my dicktionary that is!
by punjuffalo13 July 31, 2009
47 21
when someone puts their dick into a book
john: OUCH!!!!! i just had a dicktionary!!!!
by lucasrulz May 14, 2010
33 24
Someone who uses lesser-known words straight out of a dictionary as to impress others, but comes off as a dick.
P1: That predial bird has an emollient song that is often equivocal.

P2: What a dicktionary.
by Autummnnn August 13, 2011
10 6
n. reference book decribing types of male genitals including normal variants, congenital and acquired deformities,hermaphrodites, traumatic amputations etc.
My word Leroy! Let me get my camera out! That there belongs in a dicktionary!

No baby. That there belongs in you!
by Public_ice April 24, 2011
10 6
The "little black book" used by a slutty female; contains phone numbers of her male booty calls.
Carol: I feel like getting laid tonight.
Stephanie: So what are you going to do about it?
Carol: Good thing I am a female and therefore have the ability to get laid whenever I want. I'll look in my dicktionary and see who hasn't been called in a while.
by Swivelnuts August 10, 2011
3 0