1)a dictionary of sexual terms.
2)the way someone who is stupid spells dictionary.
1)urbandictionary.com is almost a complete dicktionary.
2)Iz tha wird "kat" n tha dicktionary?
by Laura December 12, 2004
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the alternate gender for chicktionary, so a chick's phone with lots of dudes numbers in it
When a chick needs a booty call, she cracks open her dicktionary.
by whatsupimphil July 19, 2009
A textbook which one utilizes when the male extremities of another are presented in a surprising fashion. The textbook is utilized to assess said appendage in categories such as strength, weight, and weight-to-strength ratio.
Yo when JJ whipped out his thang, I also whipped it out... my dicktionary that is!
by punjuffalo13 July 31, 2009
when someone puts their dick into a book
john: OUCH!!!!! i just had a dicktionary!!!!
by lucasrulz May 14, 2010
Someone who uses lesser-known words straight out of a dictionary as to impress others, but comes off as a dick.
P1: That predial bird has an emollient song that is often equivocal.

P2: What a dicktionary.
by Autummnnn August 13, 2011
n. reference book decribing types of male genitals including normal variants, congenital and acquired deformities,hermaphrodites, traumatic amputations etc.
My word Leroy! Let me get my camera out! That there belongs in a dicktionary!

No baby. That there belongs in you!
by Public_ice April 24, 2011
The "little black book" used by a slutty female; contains phone numbers of her male booty calls.
Carol: I feel like getting laid tonight.
Stephanie: So what are you going to do about it?
Carol: Good thing I am a female and therefore have the ability to get laid whenever I want. I'll look in my dicktionary and see who hasn't been called in a while.
by Swivelnuts August 10, 2011

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