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the distance kept away from a fellow man to have a conversation without appearing gay or awkward. normal length 1.5 feet.
Chris: hey Gio, let me tell you something
Gio: alright bro, but keep your dickstance
by dcoh January 01, 2011
the distance of a dick
From a dickstance
The world looks blue and green
And the snowcapped mountains white
From a dickstance
I'll give you pearl earrings
And a necklace in between
by UCSD Argo 540 May 02, 2003
Dickstance-- The length of ones penis and/or genitels. Also a way of covertly asking someone, usually a male, less often a hermaphrodite, how long their penis is.
Person#1: Hey Stavi, a hot girl wanted me to ask what your dickstance was.. she looked pretty shagadelic.
Stavi: Man.. My Penis is HUGE.
by Stavi Vice February 23, 2010