When your patty is in a steam roller connected to a gas mask used for smoking doob and you simultaneously fellate yourself (See "autofellatio}") and take a nice big toke.
"Hey, Bob, believe you me: when ya dicksmoke, beware the moneyshot. Not a good taste with tha weed"
by Dill dOugh February 17, 2004
Top Definition
the act of pissing on a very cold night. The steam from the urine looks like smoke.
HEY DAVE. It's so cold I've got Dick Smoke!
by Dustin Newbold June 17, 2006
A male who enjoys having penises in his mouth; a gay guy who likes to suck dicks.
That guy is a dicksmoke. I have proof! I saw him blow Old Man Withers last weekend.
by Wang Delicious January 28, 2003
an asshole, one who smokes dicks
Why is Anthony such a dick smoke
by Tim.L December 24, 2005
A person (always male) too horny to bother using their brain. With their entire consciousness focused on sex, they usually don't bother to think about anything else. Especially what might happen or what is happening at that moment. Because they have sex so often, either with themselves or an actual partner, their dick is always smoking. Hence the term.
If Chris was watchin the road instead of gettin his umpteenth blowjob of the day, the stupid dick smoke woulda missed that tree.
by uziel April 15, 2004
a fat bitch ass old woman who is very ugly and probably has her hair died either blue or green.
look at that scumbag dicksmoke
by joperk12 March 30, 2007
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