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dignity for your dick, kinda like respect for your "size" ...
Respect my DICKnity!
by AK4724 March 24, 2007
The level of class and standards one maintains when attempting to pick up girls.
I don't care if you were drunk. That girl totally hurts your dicknity.
by nickelfldn January 25, 2012
The amount of pride one takes in his/her dick.
He had so much dicknity he whipped it out in front of YOUR mom to show her how big it is!
by BraxtonPG December 25, 2010
The standard you hold yourself to in terms of sleeping with women.
(At a party)

Your Friend: Dude, i just heard that chick on the couch is so easy. Should i go for it?

You: Bro, think about your Dicknity.
by Lazy Jay December 19, 2010
Noun, the dignity of your dick
"After sleeping with the 430 lb bearded woman, Jim lost his dicknity."

"I need to recover my dicknity after last night...she was a real tundra wookie. Now to bring the balance back, I have to bed a supermodel."
by Balizarde October 02, 2007

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