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An african american who acts rude to everyone he meets and makes obscene statements about those around him.
Kanye West: Now Taylor Swift, I don't mean to take your spot light, but Beyonce shoulda got that award.

Taylor Swift thinkin: Damn.. what a dick nigger
by That_Toast_Swag June 04, 2011
being a dick and a nigger, at the same time
Dipan: Are you guys coming today?
Sangit: No,the other guys said no.
Dipan: You Dickniggers.
by Sangit July 10, 2008
A person that's a dick and a nigger.
Person 1: Yo, you niggas coming?
Other Person(s): Nah, the others can't make it.
Person 1: You dickniggers.
by battousai8728 August 01, 2008
(adj.) A compound curse used to insult or describe someone. This word was coined from recreational use, and is not actually meant to be used as a racist term.
Shut the fuck up, dicknigger.
by llluminati February 20, 2006
a male nigger who wants a big black dick so bad he offers drugs in return, such as weed.
Man that dick nigger wont gtfo
by ireallypwn November 28, 2009
When a nigger sucks so much dick his mouth is black and brusied.
See him, he is what you call a Dick Nigger.
by Ryan Sebolt November 04, 2007
Dicknigger- An idiot or someone who really pisses you off.
"Joe you just broke my tv you dicknigger!!"
"jim is such a dicknigger, he can't even put that table together."
by Otsego December 10, 2007