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term for an overprotective ( of her boyfriend ) girlfriend and/or lover and/or spouse. (of the female variety) to be used as an endearment rather than an insult. for maleism see boobnazi
"Candice, you're a Dolt! I dont fancy your boyfriend, ya' Dicknazi!" ( playful shove )
by Beigegummybear November 30, 2005
a very sexist and lesbian figure that has a strict belief in the vagina and hates the dick so much they are willing to genocide all dicks and express enormous hate towards the male genitalia.
guy1: man that chick is such a dick nazi

guy2: yeah i know, i drew a dick on the chalkboard and she started yelling about how all dicks should burn in hell.

guy1: what a dick nazi
by bone me gently April 05, 2009
I strict believer in non penile ways.
I heard that your mom is a Dick Nazi.
by Mike December 30, 2003
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