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Noun. A person who is tactful and skillful in managing delicate situations, handling people, etc., yet completely and totally insincere and self-serving throughout the process.
Steve proved to be quite the dicklomat when it became apparent that he cared neither for the outcome of the issue or the feelings of those parties involved.
by VandoPlaysBass November 25, 2009
Dicklomat: diplomats and/or their staff who double park their cars (with diplomatic license plates), park in front of fire hydrants, run red lights, etc. with immunity from traffic or law enforcement.

Commonly found in Washington, D.C. & New York City (especially during United Nations General Assembly week)
"Dude, I almost got run over by a dicklomat's limousine over on Park Avenue".

"Nice. A dicklomat's car has blocked my driveway, and the NYPD tell me there's nothing they can do. Again."
by Enriques212 October 18, 2010