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Something that is so unbelievable, it is considered to be beyond ridiculous.
"Richard Simmons is dickliculous." (not to be confused with "dick-a-licious," or "dicklicious.")

"I don't think George Bush is a bad guy - he's like the guy at a barbecue that you put in charge of the wiffleball - but then suddenly, you put him in charge of everything, and he starts to throw EVERYTHING at them - like the hamburgers and hot dogs - and he keeps saying, "we gotta get them before they get us," but then you realize, they don't even HAVE any hamburgers or hotdogs..." that's dickliculous. (The preceding is a paraphrased quote from a comic on tour with Jon Stewart I can't remember his name but he is hilarious.)

The word, "dickliculous" is dickliculous.
by RJ Yeldarb September 20, 2006
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