Dicklet (noun) - "That text is a dicklet".

The term "dicklet" is used when a text which is not sex related sounds like it is referring to sex.
The term originates from a pokemon called Diglet. This is because the pokémon looks quite similar to a penis (also known as dick) and because it can burrow underground. (referring to the fact that the text may look harmless when quickly read, but when payed more attention has an erotic meaning).
Often texts which are "dicklets" are ones about construction, manuals or job interviews, but in essence every text can be a "dicklet"
Dicklet (noun) - "That text is a dicklet".

A text that could be seen as a dicklet:
"...put the jack into the hole on the back of the machine. When connection is still not established, the jack is connected wrongly. Re-insert the jack repetedly until connection is established..."

This small text extract from a manual can be referred to as a dicklet because when "jack" is replaced by "penis" the text gets a different meaning all together.
by Dicklet411 March 22, 2009
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1: an unusually small penis
2: the natural phallus of a female-to-male transexual, as enlarged to the proportions of a small penis by hormones and possibly metaoidioplasty (but not phalloplasty)
Wow, what a cute little dicklet! Are you sure he was born a male?
by O-So-Wise August 01, 2003
a very very small penis.tiny and thin
look at kevin's little dicklet.he could never get a girl off.it's so tiny
by jessica April 28, 2004
1. A very small penis

2. A very small person, acting like a dick

3. A snippet of news, appearing on The Daily Show with John Stewart, concerning the top secret Dick Cheney. Appropriately: Dicklet TM
3. "And now for a Dicklet! .... hahaha, Dicklet, I need to add a little 'TM' after that." - Jon Stewart
by RainyDayz August 02, 2007
a: (noun) used in reference to a mans penis when it it so small it is indistinguishable from a female clit, can lead to confusion about gender

b: (noun) also used in reference to a womens clit when it is so big that it is indistinguishable from a small penis, can lead to confusion about gender
a: "Oh my God, when he pulled down his pants and saw his dicklet I was unsure if this was indeed a guy!"

b: "Jesus Christ when I pulled up her dress her dicklet looked like a small erection and I freaked that this may not be a female!"
by Angry Mommy October 27, 2011
Bite sized penises named after the bite sized gum Chicklets.
Sue: Haha Brian dick is so small my thumb is bigger than it!
Nicole: I guess it is a dicklet.
by kwallbmoc June 29, 2009
Piglet's dick.
omg if you pause the Winnie the Pooh video at 17:23 YOU CAN SEE THE DICKLET!!!
by Amy Leeee April 28, 2009

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