the art of being a dick.
after that last, blunt i was chillen and dietz started his usual dickisms. why is he such a dick?
by brian, nick and colin November 19, 2007
Top Definition
The distinctive practice of being or acting like a dick.
He's got a slight touch of dickism in him.

Never in the history of dickism....

Dickism is unnecessary!
by J Farrar December 30, 2011
1. a system, theory, belief or practice related to the penis or dick.
Bill Clinton's presidency was troubled by dickism.
by Jane Conanbo April 16, 2006
Men who have a general lack of length or girth of the penis and feel the need to compensate for it with their attitude
Oliver has been classed with dickism due to his three inch cock and continuous insults to girls
by Yvale February 21, 2015
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