1.) Describes behavior becoming a dick.

Dick - A noun meaning a stupid or worthless person (usually male).
example 1.) Aaron is being very dickish today.

example 2.) Aaron why are you behaving so dickishly ?
by seananna February 15, 2011
Finn Hudson.
Kurt: Wow, Finn is dickish.
*Everyone agrees*
by Kurt Hummel May 28, 2011
A grown man who acts very childish when he is trying to be a dick. also see jerkoff
"Joe didn't know how to communicate his frustrations to Gina, so he became very dickish."
by Gina B June 05, 2006
dickish (DIK-ish)

adj. Please don't use this word. It sounds retarded. Infact, if you use this word, you are homosexual. If you are already homosexual and you use this word, you will spontaneously combust.
Well that was dickish, don't you th--





by Jaack August 17, 2007
A description of behavior of acting like a complete dick towards another human being with or without justification.
I can't stand Sean and his dickish ways!
by Brewing Beer April 14, 2015
Like, as, or relating to a dick.
Like a penis.
Generally unpleasant to be around or unruly.
As, of, or relating to a jerkass.
At first I thought he was alright, but the more I talked to him, the more dickish he seemed.
by Can’tSmalltalkIhavesLisp January 16, 2015

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