wasting time. playing around
son stop dicking around thats your moms job.
by mudrider February 17, 2008
A penis, otherwise known as a "Dick", is used to randomly poke around a body cavity without properly fucking the orifice. This has been known to cause severe aggravation in the recipient. The opposite of "Dicking Around" would be called "Deep Dickin'"
"Jesus Butt-Fucking Christ Tom, are you going to be Dicking Around all night with that thing, or am I going to have to call my Pimp for some good ol' fashioned Deep Dickin'?
by Hank Macson February 10, 2014
To dick around. to perform risky or stupid actions for fun or to improve social status within a group. often for teenage boys dicking round is a hobby.
"look at those kids dicking around"
by Anonymous October 29, 2003
doin nuttin'
me and tyrone were dicking around insted of working
by Jeffizzo October 28, 2003
wasting time when one should be working. See also: Fucking around.
I was dicking around playing solitaire on the computer when my boss caught me.
by Bill Petrie October 27, 2003
1.The root "dick" refers to the male genetalia in reference to "jacking-off" which can either mean mastrabation or for our purposes, not getting much accomplished.

2.To be "dicked-around" can mean to recieve "the short end of the stick" however deeply one may have been "dicked".
Sometimes considered offensive because of the reference to top-bottom dog mentality through alluding to male homosexual relations when used by a male refering to another male.
1.Nic and I meant to go study at the library but instead went to the bar dicking-around and hung out with some nice young ladies.

2.Tony really dicked-me-around when he should have, instead, given me two-hundred dollars for the amplifier.
by Bud Clay Thomas July 03, 2006
Pretending to be Dick Chaney
Guy: Why's he grabbing his heart and groaning about bush?
Guy2: Oh, he's Dicking around.
by Amy October 30, 2003
Rubbing ones penis on things.
Bob was dicking around the room.
by Bob October 28, 2003

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