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wasting time. playing around
son stop dicking around thats your moms job.
by mudrider February 17, 2008
9 5
playin around, not bein serious
yo, stop dicking around and do ya job, ya lazy bum!
by da madd scientist October 30, 2003
10 6
Doing things to kill time or boredom.
Doc: Who are you!? What are you doing in the surgery room in which me and my team of world renown surgeons are performing an extremely delicate brain transplant operation??
Bob: Oh I'm just dicking around.
by Dmorg October 29, 2003
8 4
wasting time
yo, stop dicking around and get back to work.
by chris October 27, 2003
6 2
The act of saying your going to do something, but then doing everything except the work that you set out to do. Some people, especially college students, have become pros at this through the use of stumbleupon, facebook, or
Sheehy and Curtin never get their work done cause there always dicking around
by TheHurricane December 14, 2009
4 1
messing around and doing nothing; usually to avoid doing work
"stop dicking around you dumb fuck"
by Wankstar GTangstar October 29, 2003
6 3
Sitting upon ones arse, wasting time.

A free thinking, free spirited form of entertainment.

Time spent unwisely due to the lack of enough intelligence to complete a moderately complicated task.
"I was dicking around all day.."
by tiko October 28, 2003
5 2
v. messing around with someone or something.
stop dicking around, asshole
by anonymous October 28, 2003
4 2