wasting time. playing around
son stop dicking around thats your moms job.
by mudrider February 17, 2008
mocking around; a term used when someone's doing something unproductive
stop dicking around.
by liz October 30, 2003
dicking around is one i've heard many times before. the most common defenition would be: messing around, wasting time, or goofing off.
dude we are going to be late! stop dicking around!
by Felicia October 30, 2003
wasting time, not being productive.

"Stop dicking around & get to work."
by Staboner October 29, 2003
fucking around for shits and giggles!
guy1:you have a fatass son!
guy2: FO SHO!
by alison October 28, 2003
Wasting time while amusing yourself.
If Bob is not at his desk you can find him in the bathroom dicking around.
by willa-mena October 29, 2003
Doing something other people consider unproductive or something that really is unproductive, usually when you should be doing something else.
Syn: Procrastination, fucking off, wasting time, wanking, being idle, being a phony, bullshitting.
When I'm home sick, I spend all day dicking around on the internet.
I was dicking around when I had an epiphany.
She thought he liked her, but he was just dicking around.
Only a master can bring dicking around to a new level and turn it into an art.
by MadamexXx March 17, 2009

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