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Wasting time
I was just dicking around before meeting you at the show.
by Rob October 30, 2003
89 31
Wasting time, not being productive.
"Hurry up, we're going to be late. Stop dicking around and get ready."
by Ku-be-yaa October 30, 2003
345 39
Messing around, screwing around, jacking around, or just wasting time doing pointless things in some other way.
The teacher was pissed because the guys in the back row wouldn't quit dicking around.
by Melissa October 27, 2003
164 39
1. Wasting time, not being productive. by Ku-be-yaa
2. Using Apple.
Ex.1."Hurry up, we're going to be late. Stop dicking around and get ready."

Ex.2."Stop dicking around with your Apple and do some real job!"
by Latvian Bastard March 23, 2010
72 32
generally doing nothing of any real purpose such as throwing stones or perhaps mucking about with a stick.
"lets go down to the river and dick around"

Carl - "what have you been up to this weekend?" Peter - "not a lot, mostly dicking around" - Carl - "oh nice!"
by skillz-t December 31, 2007
45 12
To waste time and procrastinate. Something that students do.
Aka: Fucking around
A: Shit isn't this due tommorow?
B:Yeah so?
A:We spent all day dicking around.
B:Shit we are gonna fail the midterm.

"Stop dicking ard!!!"

"Stop fucking dicking around"
by Sec Tse March 13, 2008
21 4
Stuffing around. Generally messing around without any real purpose (except possibly avoidance).
Stop dicking around and back me some pie.
by Stuart October 31, 2003
35 20