a minconstrued hybrid version of dickhead and arsehole. links with arsehead. used to describe someone who is simultaneously both a dickhead and an arsehole
that ben is such a dickhole!
by rob March 04, 2005
an ass hole or a fag that dose stupid gay stuff.
Whet the hell you dick hole, why'd you spill juice on me!
by Someguyinfinity November 04, 2010
A vagina. The hole most commonly used to temporarily store a dick.
You have a really nice dickhole. Can I put my dick in it?
by kedrosami June 23, 2004
Derrived from the hebrew word "Dickholio"

Similar to cunt rag, dick hole is used to describe a person who is not only of particular annoyance but is also inhumanely ugly.
"Look at the mugg on that mole, she looks like a dick hole!" Protested Heath.
by Daniel Lorks aka Lorky Loo September 21, 2006
the place that the following occurs:

yellow pee pee goes out;

white wee wee goes out
man, i pee peed out ma dickhole las' nite, and it was white wee wee
by spamhead July 27, 2003
a place for a male to insert his penis. see also, wordvagina
That biatch has a mighty fine dick hole
by PuffinFresh May 03, 2003
omfg. r u rly tht stupid? a dick hole is the hole u pee and ejaculate out of. u stupid fucker. i hate u.
hey guys, puffinfresh is a stupid dickhole himself, b cuz he thinks a dick hole is a vagina. stupid fucker.
by fucksoid March 15, 2005

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