the hole at the end of the penis
a vagina

another word that can be shouted out of anger like asshole or fuck
person 1: you stupid dickhole why'd you cut me off!!!
by TheBigEd01 February 19, 2011
an insignificant amount, an amount not suitable for sufficient proficiency.
I have dickholes for internet connection.
by cocknswallow February 12, 2011
an especially obnoxious type of spamming pseudoBuddhist in SecondLife. Sometimes used redundantly.
X: This dickhole Buddhist keeps feck'n spamming me with his tai chi retreat.

Y: Hey! It ain't as bad as those spamming pixel baby tummies!
by gnargyle July 15, 2008
a minconstrued hybrid version of dickhead and arsehole. links with arsehead. used to describe someone who is simultaneously both a dickhead and an arsehole
that ben is such a dickhole!
by rob March 04, 2005
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