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1. a monkey-cock sucking cunt nugget, who gets fucked in the ass buy some large dirty male prositutes with no condom

2. any guy from Sacred Heart University

3. any guy from New York/Long Island
Danny's a great friend to his bro's but he's such a Dickhole to the girls he's hooking up with.
by TheGoodTime December 10, 2009
1. one more revolting, disgusting than the hole at the end of a penis.

2. a complete jerk, doesnt even deserve to live.
1. "ew i cannot believe i went out with him.. he is such a disgusting dickhole."

2. "what a jerk! that dickhole just broke up with me and went after my best friend 2 days later."
by ihatercsomuch. March 29, 2009
the urethra of a male.
"i'm afraid to get tested for std's. i hear they shove a swab up your dick-hole.
by ryan ingersol March 07, 2005
A dick hole is the smallest unit of measurement to the naked eye.
"yeah guy, cut like 5 dick holes wide and four dick holes high"
by Steven178787 February 29, 2012
the external opening, located at the tip of the male genitalia, which acts as an exit for urine and semen.
omg, i fully just shot pee out of my dickhole!
by matthoopermatthooper August 02, 2009
The hole of a man's penis - where the urethra ends.
"Please don't stick that inside my dickhole."
by Kore December 18, 2003
the hole at the end of the penis
a vagina

another word that can be shouted out of anger like asshole or fuck
person 1: you stupid dickhole why'd you cut me off!!!
by TheBigEd01 February 19, 2011