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The hand a male uses to masturbate himself with. Also, the hand a male uses to hold his member while inserting it into an orifice or other object.
Excuse me miss, I broke my dickhand when I fell off my bike, can you help me?

by RaFF-L September 03, 2003
The hand a prostitute uses to grab a dick.
This is my dick hand, and that is my pimp hand.
by Michalak October 04, 2003
noun; A condition often observed after a man masturbates, or when a woman gropes a man's genitals, and fails to wash his/her hands sufficiently or at all afterwards. Symptoms may be less or more severe depending on the frequency and thoroughness with which the male washes his penis, and may include foul odor, damp skin, and in severe cases, the presence of semen on the sufferer's hand(s).
Even without close examination, I could tell by the smell that Tyler had contracted a severe case of dick hand.
by clint August 24, 2004
A description of an individual who neglects to wash their hands after using the restroom. When refering to a specific individual, it becomes Dick Kands.
person 1: See that guy, hes got dick hands.
person 2: What a filthy fucking animal. What if someone shakes hands with him, and then eats?
person 1: That is a classic case of primary contact. Keep your hands to yourself. Its tough love, you know.

Upon a later encounter..

person 1: Hey, theres Dick Kands.
by The Dumpster June 19, 2006
The state of male hands at the period of time between pissing and washing their hands. Exists for as long as one goes without washing his hands, however requires a witness in said case.
"Company policy states that you must greet each intern with a smile and handshake."

"To hell with that, I followed Lemmings out of the restroom, the consistency of his Dickhands has lasted a few days now!"
by Kombat Mann January 01, 2012
To touch public surfaces after touching one's private areas, perhaps by utilizing the facilities, perhaps by self-pleasuring, perhaps by pleasuring someone else, without having the civil nature to wash one's hands first.
That Google guy dickhands the bathroom door every time. Why can't that guy wash his damn hands?
by Andrew Badera August 12, 2010
This term is used after a man has masturbated, or after someone has given a handjob and has failed to wash his or her hands, resulting in the smell of dick.
BoyA - Why are you washing your hands?

GirlG - Because I don't dickhand

BoyA - You went home in your mom's car with dickhand before!
by jamalitamali May 08, 2005
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